Friday One Sheet: LOWLIFE

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Friday One Sheet: LOWLIFE

It is a good day if you like the Character-Collage style poster, as indie-LA picture Lowlife has released a good one in anticipation of their April 6th release. Warm yellow-orange colour tones showcase the Luchador at the centre of the film as well as an eccentric West Coast cast, mostly toting firearms, swastika facial-tats and eccentric wardrobe. 

While this design of poster is a very familiar one in the super-hero and adventure department, it is rarely tied to the indie world. Even better is that this cult-film in the making film is worthy of eccentric promise made by its key art. The pull-quote giving it the Pulp Fiction comparison is apt, just drop in a lot more gore and a bit more silliness, and that about paints the picture. Strange that it took the world more than 20 years to do a good post-Tarantino movie.


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