Our Favorite Faces Of Andy Lau

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Our Favorite Faces Of Andy Lau
Last weekend, Zhang Yimou's fantasy epic The Great Wall premiered in North America, and while it's silly as hell, it is undeniably gorgeous-looking. While he did call it "nonsense", our J. Hurtado also said in his review that it's a "surprisingly ambitious siege movie that is hard not to enjoy at least a little bit".

Of course, any movie will increase its watchability when it includes Chinese superstar Andy Lau. While enjoying immense success as a singer, he first and foremost is one of the finest actors in the world, and one whose charisma can almost keep any film afloat all by itself.

So, what are your favorite performances by Andy Lau? Do you like him better as a good guy, or as a bad guy?

Chime in, in the comments below!

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