TWIN PEAKS Sets Its Premiere Date

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TWIN PEAKS Sets Its Premiere Date

Twin Peaks fans, mark May 21st on your calendar. Because that's the day that Showtime will kick things off on the David Lynch / Mark Frost revival of their classic show airing the first two episodes as a two hour pilot and also making episodes three and four available on their streaming service. So just leave me alone on the 22nd, okay? Because I'm going to be busy watching all four for a second / third / fourth time ...

Word is also out that there will NOT be a season break in the revival, with the planning being to roll out all eighteen new episodes in a continuous, weekly run. No word if those of us who binge all four right at the outset are going to have to wait a couple weeks for three and four to hit broadcast before episode five becomes available, though I expect that will be the case. And, really, it's gonna SUCK to be a fan without access to the OTT service having to shut out the internet to avoid spoilers while waiting for the broadcast air dates of episodes three and four while a huge stack of people will have already seen them, but there you have it.

Send donuts.

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