HIGHLANDER Returns To The Big Screen In A New 4K Restoration!

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HIGHLANDER Returns To The Big Screen In A New 4K Restoration!

When it comes to Highlander films there should have been only one but, man, what a one. Russell Mulcahy's original Highlander is a true cult classic, the tale of immortal swordsmen battling it out through time not just withstanding the onslaught of far inferior sequels and spinoffs that followed but actually seeming to improve by contrast as subsequent efforts tried and failed to get the formula right.

But like many 80s classics Highlander is a film made for the big screen that the vast majority of its fans - myself included - have never been able to see there. Until now. With the film's 30th anniversary just around the corner Highlander has been fully restored in 4K and while that new restoration will certainly be hitting BluRay shortly it will also be hitting the big screen with StudioCanal announcing a theatrical run in the UK, at least. And we can only hope more territories will follow suit.

Along with news of the restoration there is also a brand new trailer to show off the buff and polish job. Take a look below!

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