VIY 2 Heads To China, Recruits Jackie Chan

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VIY 2 Heads To China, Recruits Jackie Chan

The fact that Oleg Stepchenko's Russian ghost story Viy exists at all is something of a minor miracle. Roughly a decade from the release of the first teasers to the film actually reaching completion it was the near definition of a troubled production, tearing through multiple production companies, suffering massive cost over runs, and being extensively rewritten and reverse engineered more than once through production until it finally ended up as an international period fantasy with Charles Dance and Jason Flemyng in the lead role. And after having survived the experience Stepchenko is doing the natural thing: He's making another one. He's heading to China to do it. And he's added Jackie Chan to the mix.

Flemyng returns as cartographer Jonathon Green, packed up by the King to map out the far east where he again encounters the supernatural. And Rutger Hauer, who also joins the cast. While this one is still a ways out from completion an extensive behind the scenes reel has been released to showcase the scope of production and Jackie's stunt team at work. Check it out below.

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