"Just Let It In" - Final STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer

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 "Just Let It In" - Final STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS Trailer
For those that weren't watching Monday Night Football just to get a glimpse of a commercial, here's the latest trailer for the newest Star Wars film. Tickets now on sale in most markets.

This is happening, folks.

Couple cool things to note, despite fact that I'm actually doing my best to not connect too many dots:

  • That score. If we're to believe, that's new John Williams score (something sadly lacking from the newest Spielberg film). It's plinky piano, and it's kind of perfect
  • Hey look - lens flare! (and more "teepees" a la Tusken camp)lensflare.jpg
  • That scavenging-inside-a-Star Destroyer shot is pretty epic
  • Boyega, Boyega, Boyegaboyega_sw.jpg
  • I'm trying very hard indeed not to figure how whose voice is slowed down to become baddie Kylo Ren, but I'm presuming it's just Adam Driver doing his basso voice from Llewyn Davis
  • For some reason these flags remind me of the Mandalorian armour on Boba Fett. Plus - giant red mechanical thing! (Hope it's not, um, a "Bad Robot")robot.jpg
  • Boy I hope that's not a lump of Wookiee that she's mourning:


  • Many more moments of sheer nostalgia - yes, we've got a Vader head, but it's small stuff like this:


...a beautiful CGI shot that echoes one of the most complex practical effects shot ever made (this one from Return of the Jedi

jedi.jpgSome more official images:

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