DER BUNKER: A Very Odd Trailer For A Very Odd Film

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DER BUNKER: A Very Odd Trailer For A Very Odd Film
Something weird-ass this way comes with the imminent arrival of Nikias Chryssos' debut feature Der Bunker (The Bunker). A supremely odd bit of work that had its debut at the Berlin Film Festival and is now making its way through the international genre festival circuit - soon to arrive at Fantastic Fest - the film also has its German theatrical release just around the corner, which means its first trailer has now arrived.

A young student is lodging with a family in the forest where the peace and seclusion of their subterranean bunker will allow him to concentrate on an academic work. The family welcomes him with great friendliness and, at first, everything seems to be fine. But after a while the parents increasingly use the student as a private tutor for their eight year old son, Klaus, who up until now has been educated exclusively by his father at home. They want the boy to receive a comprehensive education - this includes the study of global financial systems and Machiavellian machinations. As the student has less and less time to devote to his own work, and cracks start to appear in the family's facade. A highly neurotic web of relationships is revealed, the chief victim of which is the young Klaus. Totally overwhelmed by the excessive expectations of his parents, the child has no opportunity to play or let off steam. When the student sides with Klaus against his domineering parents, the situation threatens to spiral out of control.
That up above is how Berlin pitched the film to their audiences and, honestly, it doesn't even scratch the surface of how weird this film is. For one, Klaus is being raised to be the next President of the United States. For another, mom believes she has an alien living in her leg. The theatrical trailer cuts to the heart of the oddity far better than that synopsis and while it doesn't have subtitles, sadly, it does have plenty of bizarre imagery. Also some breasts, so consider this your work-safe warning.

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