GERMAN ANGST Comes To North America, Courtesy Of Artsploitation

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GERMAN ANGST Comes To North America, Courtesy Of Artsploitation
Here's some news for North America's edgier horror fans: the Berlin-based horror anthology German Angst has been picked up for distribution by Artsploitation, as Variety reported first.

German Angst tells three loosely interlinked stories taking place in present-day Berlin, concerning abuse, right-wing extremism, and addiction. Its writer-directors are Michal Kosakowski, Andreas Marschall and Jörg Buttgereit. These three are not exactly known for pulling punches, and you can rest assured the episodes all reside on the far end of the sex-and-violence spectrum.

After its world premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam earlier this year (where I saw and reviewed it), the film has had its general domestic release, and is currently touring festivals worldwide. The curious and impatient can check it out tomorrow already at the Fantasia Festival, and Artsploitation will release the film through video-on-demand and DVD/Blu-ray in early 2016.

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