DukeFest 2015: THE TREATMENT, NORWAY, VHS Delights And More Coming To London

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DukeFest 2015: THE TREATMENT, NORWAY, VHS Delights And More Coming To London
Hang on to your hats and comb your mustaches, London! DukeFest, that amazing four-night festival of the weird, wacky and just plain mind-boggling returns. From Sunday June 28 to Wednesday July 1st, at the Prince Charles Cinema and Phoenix Artist Club, join The Duke and his compatriots as they present a feast of hidden treasures of film finds from around the world.

The opening night film is Belgian thriller The Treatment, about a detective on a relentless hunt for an elusive and particularly sadistic killer, a film that our critic Peter Martin says "snakes and coils its way, sneakily, into the psyche". Closing out the fest is the strange and surreal vampire film Norway, a bizarre trip into Athens in the 80s.

Monday night is an extravaganza of the beloved VHS tape (remember those, kids?). With rare looks at Stairway to Stardom, a talent show that would put America's Got Talent to shame, and Private Spy: The Full Expose, journalism that is beyond your wildest Fox News nightmares, this can only be topped (if that's possible) by screenings of VHS tapes that have been gathered with little or no knowledge of their contents. Tuesday night is devoted to Found Footage, with cringing 70s fashion, outrageous advertising and a worldwide search for the best (or worst) of found footage.

More details in the press release below, and links to the festival's and venues' websites. Get ready to have your mind blown!

DukeFest Opening Film - The Treatment
Prince Charles Cinema - Sunday 28 June 8.45PM Tickets £5/£7.50

Detective Inspector Nick Cafmeyer is called into to investigate the case of a husband and wife discovered impriosened within their own home: dehryated, badly beaten, both close to death. But worse their young son is missing. As the Inspector digs deeper into a case that reaches far back into time, he is about to come face to face with a culprit who is strangely linked to his own past - namely the unsolved case of the disappearance of his own brother. It's no exaggeration when we say that this is the most nail-biting, dark and unnerving thriller to come since 'Manhunter' rocked our world. With terrific performances, a deviant plot and enough twists to take your head off, get read for a disturbing journey to discover the answer to the question: Just what is...The Treatment?

Monday 29 June 7.30PM - VHS Night (Free Entry)
7.30PM - Stairway To Stardom: Retrospective
8.15PM - Private Spy: The Full Exposé
9.00PM - The Great VHS Experiment 3: The Rewind

Building on the success of last year's celebration of all things VHS , The Duke is all poised to unleashed another round of madness upon the demanding public.

First, a bonus presentation where we take you back....all the way back to the slightly downtrodden but magical public tv studios of New York of the 1980's. Meet Frank Masi and his motley crew of hopefuls for fame in STAIRWAY TO STARDOM: a talent show filled with some of the most mind-boggling acts that the world never got to see.

Then we start our VHS craze by lowering you into the depths of British sleaze: Private Spy: The Full Expose will introduce you the most shocking, outrageous form of VHS journalism you never knew existed!

And finally the main event of the evening The Grat Vhs Experiment: Rewind. Having spent the year gathering yet another bunch of VHS tapes, we are ready to give you the chance to pick to discover what's on them!

Tuesday 30 June 7.30PM - Found Footage Night (Free Entry)
7.30PM - Eleganza: The Eebony Years Fanzine Launch
8.00PM - Night Of The Found Footage
9.00PM - Found Footage Worldwide
Join us as The Duke takes you deep into the world of 70s fashion where outrageous outfits meets mind boggling advertising. This is the official launch of the Eleganza fanzine and there will be free copies for all to take the magic home as Duketakes you through its most brilliant story!

Then Night Of The Found Footage: a 100 % brand new show put together bit by bit by our resident master Alex Kidd. Nothing CAN  prepare you for the clips you're about to see and suffice it to say you'll never look at Hull the same way again!

Finally we unleash what the world has to offer with the results of our Found Footage WorldWide search. The Duke's friends, companions and fans all across the world have submitted clips for us to view as well as what our audience members may bring so prepare for a night of mayhem as curated by our audience unlike any other before!

DukeFest Closing Film - Norway

Prince Charles Cinema - Wednesday 1 July 9PM Tickets £5/£7.50

For the closing night, DukeFest is proud to presen the UK PREMIERE of 'Norway' - a one of a kind film from director Yannis Veslemes. A brilliant mixture of disco, vampires, gin and brilliant synth music, Norway is a doorway into a world of bizarre unlike anything seen before! After wooing the audiences at Fantastic Fest and BeyondFest, Zeno is ready to make his entrance into London in true Duke style!
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