STUNG: Giant Mutant Wasps Wreak Havoc In The International Trailer!

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STUNG: Giant Mutant Wasps Wreak Havoc In The International Trailer!
Audiences at the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival best be watching the skies and keeping an ear open for any suspicious buzzing sounds because that's where Benni Diez's mutant wasp creature feature Stung will be making its debut and we've got the international trailer here to whet the appetite for what's coming!

For catering staffers Paul and Julia, Mrs. Perch's fancy garden party at her remote country villa is nothing out of the ordinary. A mishap with toxic plant fertilizer leads to the most unwelcome of dinner guests: giant killer wasps. Director Benni Diez takes audiences on a thrilling, gory rollercoaster ride from campy to creepy, in this delightful and dreadful creature-feature.
Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook. Clifton Collins Jr and Lance Henriksen star. Check out the trailer below!

[Full disclosure: Yep, I'm a credited producer on this one so bias, etc etc. Also: Giant bugs!]

STUNG Official Trailer #1 **HD** from Rat Pack Film on Vimeo.

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