Hot Docs 2015 Lineup Announced: From The Deep Web To Dark Comedy To Outer Space And Beyond

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In Toronto, from April 23rd until May 3rd, the 22nd edition of the sprawling Hot Docs Film Festival will be showcasing documentary films from 44 countries. 

Going through a documentary lineup of this size is a bit more daunting than a typical film festival. Fewer name directors, few to no stars, subjects that run the gamut from political activism to musical performers and their history, to quirky character studies. There can be the easy picks of topics that interest one, and the festival tries to sort things in this fashion to aid the baffled and intimidated festival-goer in their own interests and instincts. 

And yet often the best documentaries are subjects one has no idea they will be interested in until they sit down in a darkened theatre and see firsthand how the film was made, or the story told. Would you ever consider seeing a documentary on Slime Mould? Or a legal battle over a severed foot? Perhaps prostitutes that serve the needs of 21st century sailors? Circus performers in love? Aging Indiana Jones fans? Extra terrestrial simulations? The possibilities at this year's Hot Docs go on and on.

Let ScreenAnarchy help you pare down documentaries on offer at this years festival -- more than 200 in all -- by perusing the gallery below. We've seen a few, and are interested in a few more via their images or catalogue descriptions. On first blush, these are the ones we'd pick.

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This years festival opens with a look at cancer-stricken stand-up comic Tig Notaro and how her incorporation of her disease into her act offered a deadpan and darkly hilarious look into her headspace

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