Can Evrenol Wraps BASKIN, Check The First Images Now!

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Turkish director Can Evrenol has long been a favorite in these pages, his often horrific short films winning fans around the globe on the short film circuit. His most recent short effort - Baskin - is unquestionably his strongest, which is why we've been so excited here that he is now expanding that short to feature length. And with production now wrapped we've got your first look at ten images from the film.

Baskin revolves around four cops responding to a routine call and discover a Lovecraftian cult whose quarters hide the very horrors that should only belong in Hell!
For those who have not yet experienced Evrenol's work we're also including the trailer for the short with the images.

[Full disclosure: I'm quite proud to consider Evrenol a personal friend and equally pleased that XYZ Films, where I serve as head of international acquisitions, has been able to play some part in getting this thing going as well as serving as sales reps on it. So, bias and all that ...]

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