Asano Replaces Watanabe In Scorsese's SILENCE

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Asano Replaces Watanabe In Scorsese's SILENCE
Martin Scorsese has gotten himself a high profile new lead for his adaptation of Endo Shusaku's acclaimed novel Silence. With Watanabe Ken bowing out of the role as a 17th century interpreter accompanying a pair of Jesuit monks looking for their mentor who has gone to evangelize Japan due to scheduling issues Asano Tadanobu has stepped in to take over the part. He joins a cast that also includes Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver.

Pictured above in Thor, Asano has long been one of Japan's more intriguing talents shifting from his proudly counter culture beginnings into ever more complex and mature parts while also casting an (increasingly successful) eye on global domination. Basically he's what Johnny Depp would have been had Depp allowed himself to age gracefully and continue as an actual actor instead of being sucked into the Burton / Bruckheimer vortex that has somehow turned the guy from Dead Man and What's Eating Gilbert Grape into Mortdecai. Ick. Thor and Battleship notwithstanding, Asano hasn't done that. And if Thor and Battleship are what open the doors for him to work with the likes of Scorsese then I say, "Well done, sir."
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