ANT-MAN Trailer Teaser Is Now Properly Human-Sized

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ANT-MAN Trailer Teaser Is Now Properly Human-Sized
So. Everyone got the double deuce of annoying the other day when Marvel released a trailer teaser for Ant-Man. There are those who feel this is already an annoying practice. On top that, someone thought it would be clever if it were delivered in Ant-Size. Instead you got "Oh, isn't that just cute" and it was also annoying. To which the internet responded by blowing up the image to Human-Size and thus everyone suffered seizures trying to watch it, again. 

Marvel just released the trailer teaser properly sized, which will free you up from squinting at it in any size only to have a family member find you rolling on floor, frothing at the mouth. 

I am led to believe by that in this 17 seconds you get to see "Hank Pym's lab, Hope van Dyne, Yellowjacket (out of costume), and a glimpse at Ant-Man on the run...". 

A proper trailer will drop during the two hour premiere of Agent Carter this Tuesday, January 6th. Then the internet will stand as judge, jury and maybe executioner of Peyton Reed and what he has been able to do since taking over the project. 
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