Halloween Twitches: Our Favorite Film Ghosts

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As Jack Skellington's minions so gleefully sang in The Nightmare Before Christmas: "This is Halloween, this is Halloween, Halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!". So we here at ScreenAnarchy decided to have some of our writers tell about their favorite movie ghosts.

Now this is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list, but just contains some personal stories, for fun's sake. Some will mention the scariest ghost they saw in the cinema, some will go for disturbing. Some go for emotional involvement, some take a wide definition and choose whatever haunted them the most... That means your own favorite ghost may not be in this list, but that is not because it would not be "famous" or "scary" enough. This list is purely subjective, and many writers went with a surprise choice rather than an obvious one.

Also, it's rather hard to describe a ghost sometimes. Try finding a picture of the ghost in Robert Wise's The Haunting, for example, even though it's one of the best and most atmospheric movies about a ghost ever made.

Me, I couldn't decide on a single ghost, so I put in three. Heh...

Have a look, and please share your own favorite with us in the comments! What is your favorite movie ghost?

Peter Martin, James Dennis, Trung Rwo, Daniel Rutledge, Kwenton Bellette, Michele "Izzy" Galgana, Kurt Halfyard, Todd Brown, and Ernesto Zelaya Miñano contributed to this story.

Ard Vijn:

Ah, to be a young teen again and see Ghostbusters for the first time. It was funny, cool, and one of the biggest special effects extravaganzas of its time, even though some of it now looks a bit wonky in its stop-motion and matte painting glory. And most of the ghosts in it tend to be rather cuddly, like plush toys, so it wasn't too scary.

That was not true of the first ghost you get a good look at, though. The "library visitor" is probably the only true scare in the entire film, and it made you sit up a bit straighter for the remainder of the film.

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