THE SIMILARS (LOS PARECIDOS): ScreenAnarchy Visits The Set Of Isaac Ezban's Upcoming Sci-Fi Picture

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The Similars (Los Parecidos) tells the story of eight different persons who are stuck at a bus station. It's October 2, 1968 and Mexico is about to live the student massacre of Tlatelolco. But that's just the film's background and writer/director Isaac Ezban was not really interested in creating a political piece. He wanted old-school science fiction, so his characters begin to psychically look exactly like one of them. And that will bring some madness, for sure.

Ezban wrapped production on The Similars two weeks ago. Filming took place mostly at Estudios Churubusco, Mexico's most iconic film studios. I was fortunate enough to visit the set of The Similars at said studios on August 7, where I got to talk with Ezban and Humberto Busto, one of the stars of the film, and witnessed the making of two scenes. Read on...

Twitch’s set visit happened during the very last week of shooting, actually. “We are finishing week number five”, said Isaac Ezban, after I joined him and part of the cast and crew during their lunch break. “We have only two days left, in fact, as this is day 28 of 30. We are so close, and I don’t know what I’m going to do without all of them (cast and crew). I will miss the set a lot”, added Ezban.

The great environment within Ezban and his team was very easy to perceive, and the director had nothing but compliments for the people who made his vision come to life. “I’m very happy with everything we have done. Everything has been incredible: the cinematography, the actors, the art, and the special effects. I was lucky enough to have a great team in every way”, said Ezban.

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