Pretty Packaging: Take A Look At HERZOG - THE COLLECTION Blu-ray Boxset

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For Werner Herzog fans with a Blu-ray player, 2014 has turned into a remarkable year, as boxsets of his work are being released on both sides of the Atlantic. In the UK, the BFI released an 18-film boxset, while distributor Shout released a 16-film boxset stateside. Annoyingly, both sets have a big overlap while each has its own exclusive content as well. Herzog completists and other fanatics may have to grind their teeth and order both.

Me, I was eying both sets, cautiously hoping for a price-off between them, as I intended to buy only one. But which one? The films I really wanted most were on both, and while the BFI won the price-content ratio, the Shout collection looked much nicer and better presented.
Then, the US set suddenly dropped more than a third of its price, so I pounced.

And what a beauty it is... but don't take my word on it: check the gallery below! I will not be reviewing the films, as I want to peruse them at my leisure (instead of making a marathon of them), but I will list the extras for each title.

And here it is: basically a big book, with the thick cardboard pages in the back holding the discs.

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