Macabro 2014: MEXICO BARBARO Gets An Official Poster, Plus More New Images

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Macabro 2014 hosted a very special public conference with seven of the eight directors that are part of the upcoming horror anthology México Bárbaro

It was the first time the project was presented to a wide audience in Mexico City, with each of the filmmakers, including Lex Ortega and Jorge Michel Grau, talking about their respective segment. We published an article and an extensive interview with six of the directors already, so let's stay focused on the brand new stuff. 

We got to see the first México Bárbaro teaser trailer during the conference. It didn't show much but the images are quite promising. It also introduced a metal song, with the singer repeating the film's title. The trailer is not yet available online for your enjoyment, but we will publish it as soon as it strikes the Internet. 

Young Mexican illustrator Guro also joined the directors, since the first official poster was finally revealed. It's worth noting that each segment will have a poster and so far two of them have been shown. You can find the three posters, plus several stills, in the gallery below. 

México Bárbaro is expected to premiere at some film festival in Mexico in the fall of 2014. No distribution plans have been confirmed. The anthology is directed by Lex Ortega, Jorge Michel Grau, Isaac Ezban, Ulises Guzmán, Aaron Soto, Gigi Saul Guerrero, Edgar Nito, and Laurette Flores.

Official México Bárbaro poster, designed by Guro (Eduardo Santaella).

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