SNOWPIERCER Gets An Action-Packed Red Band US Trailer

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SNOWPIERCER Gets An Action-Packed Red Band US Trailer
Almost a year since its debut in director Bong Joon-ho's native South Korea last summer, futuristic thriller Snowpiercer finally arrives on US shores on 27 June, courtesy of Radius TWC. While Harvey Weinstein ultimately lost his battle to re-edit the film into a leaner, faster version better suited to the simple-minded tastes of middle America, this new trailer certainly does its best to market the film as a non-stop action juggernaut. 

While there certainly is plenty of violent mayhem in Bong's film, which is adapted from Jacques Lob's French comic book series and stars a raft of talent including Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho and Tilda Swinton, the film finds plenty of time for contemplation and meditation on the state of humanity in a dystopian future where a new ice age has forced all Earth's survivors to live aboard a single, constantly speeding train. 

However, fear not, it is the full version of Snowpiercer that is speeding your way, and you all owe it to yourselves to jump on board just as soon as you can. Check out the new US red band trailer below, then click here for all our coverage of the film, including Pierce's review, a look at the source comic book and a couple of interviews with director Bong Joon-ho.
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