Check Out This Fan Film For THE RAID 2's Hammer Girl!

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Check Out This Fan Film For THE RAID 2's Hammer Girl!
Though Gareth Evans' The Raid 2 has not yet had a public release anywhere in the world it would appear at least one character has already made quite an impression. Fans have been chattering about Julie Estelle's role as Hammer Girl (that's her above) since the first images turned up, chatter which grew in volume when one of her signature sequences was previewed at London's Film4 Frightfest and the Toronto International Film Festival. And now she's been made the subject of a four minute fan film by Vlad Rimburg.

Shot over the course of just a single day the results are pretty damn remarkable. As a credited producer on the actual film, I've got say I'm awfully flattered. As a fan, I'm awfully impressed. Check it out below.
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