Australian Trailer For THESE FINAL HOURS Hits Hard

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Australian Trailer For THESE FINAL HOURS Hits Hard
Oh boy I have goosebumps after watching this trailer, and I have already seen (and reviewed) the movie!

The epic crescendo of post-Zimmer music, the flashy editing, the emotions! Luckily none of this detracts from the actual content of the film and there are no juicy bits given away either, so I highly recommend you divulge to your hearts content below!

The film asks the hard hitting question "What would you do on the last day on Earth?"

It's the last day on Earth, twelve hours before a cataclysmic event will end life as we know it. A troubled young man named James (Nathan Phillips, Wolf Creekmakes his way across a lawless and chaotic city to the party to end all parties. However, along the way he ends up saving the life of a little girl named Rose, desperately searching for her father.

Stuck with the unexpected burden of responsibility, James is forced to come to terms with what really matters in life and helps Rose find her father which ultimately leads him on a path to redemption.

These Final Hours arrives in Australian cinemas June 12th

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