Exclusive: THESE FINAL HOURS Poster Premiere Gets Apocalyptic

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Exclusive: THESE FINAL HOURS Poster Premiere Gets Apocalyptic

Apocalyptic Australian thriller These Final Hours opens in select theaters in Canada on October 17 and will also be available across Canada on iTunes® and On-Demand the same day. To celebrate, we are pleased to premiere the gorgeous, yet still unsettling, Canadian poster.

Our own Kwenton Bellette described the movie as "a firecracker of a production," noting further:

It is exactly what it sounds like; an intense genre exercise respecting the best of its kind whilst being imbued with truly original and meaningful characters and implications.

Nathan Phillips (Wolf Creek) plays James, a strung-out, conflicted mess who aches to travel to his girlfriend's party and lose himself in drink, drugs and debauchery. Perth suburbia is transformed as machete wielding maniacs stalk areas blocked by makeshift supermarket trolley fences. This horrific genre element comes as a relief as These Final Hours could have been a contemplative, low-budget slow burn on what it means to be a part of the final day on Earth. Thankfully, the film has it both ways, through organic character development and the trials and tribulations the last hours bring.

You can read Mr. Bellette's review in its entirety right here.

The poster is both a lovely piece of art and a good marketing device; it makes me want to see the movie as soon as possible.

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