Watch The Trailer For Fantastic Fest Award Winner COHERENCE

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Watch The Trailer For Fantastic Fest Award Winner COHERENCE
A great personal favorite of mine when it screened at Fantastic Fest 2013 - where it ironically picked up an award for Best Screenplay, ironic because it was largely improvised by the cast under the watchful eye of director James Byrkit, who had mapped out all the key events in advance - Coherence should prove a welcome addition to the scifi canon for those who pine for the days of Rod Serling and believe that big ideas do not necessarily require big budgets and big (if any) special effects. This one's a puzzle box and it's puzzling to me how we missed it when the trailer arrived online.

Well, we've noticed now and you can take a look below. The less you know about this one going in the better, I think, so I'll not offer any comment on the plot but for the keen eyed among you, yes, that is Buffy's Nicholas Brendon in the cast.
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