The Giant Wasps Are Flying! STUNG Wraps First Day Of Shooting!

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The Giant Wasps Are Flying! STUNG Wraps First Day Of Shooting!
It was way, way back in February of 2008 when I first came across German director Benni Diez. He had just co-directed a short film titled Kingz with Marinko Spahic and that short was far and away one of the best I saw in that year, an amazing blend of scifi, action and horror elements that made me a fan for life. I ended up programming Kingz at a few festivals though the year and struck up a relationship with the directors that saw me send them an email every few months since asking why they hadn't made a feature film yet. And then one day Benni answered by saying, "Well, I've got this script ..."

That script was Stung, a horror comedy in the vein of Tremors written by Adam Aresty that revolves around giant mutant wasps and I loved it just as much as I did Kingz. Jump forward a year and a half or so and my own company (XYZ Films) has partnered up with Germany's Rat Pack Productions and producer Benjamin Munz and the film is actually happening. As in right now happening.

Matt O´Leary (Brick, Frailty), Jessica Cook, Clifton Collins and Lance Henriksen anchor the cast and that photo up above? That's (from left to right) Diez, Aresty and Munz having just wrapped the first day of principal photography outside of Berlin. Hopefully we'll have some stills we can share soon but, for the time being, content yourself with the short film Kingz and the VFX test Diez put together for Stung down below.

Kingz from benni diez on Vimeo.

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