Paul Rudd Or JGL May Experience Shrinkage In ANT-MAN

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Paul Rudd Or JGL May Experience Shrinkage In ANT-MAN
With Edgar Wright's big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe now being pushed up to July 31, 2015, the Brit director is well into pre-production for the film with a start date for photography looming quite near, and that can only mean one thing... Marvel needs to cast their pint-sized hero very soon.

Variety reports that their shortlist is in and the names on the table are Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. No doubt two big 'uns, but nonetheless rather interesting ones to toss out there. Now while JGL seems pretty much destined to play a super hero at some point in his career, Rudd's name is the far more intriguing choice to me, merely because I think he makes any movie he's in all the better. He's got a load of charm and everyman goodness and is a classically trained actor. I'm not too sharp on my Hank Pym/Ant-man lore, but I'd imagine Rudd's particular brand of wit would fit in nicely to the Marvel universe that already includes the snark of one Robert Downey Jr. (that is if he's still going to play Iron Man past Avengers: Age Of Ultron).

Do any of you fans out there think Rudd could pass as a brilliant scientist? I've heard Pym is something of a dickhead and gets pretty dark in more recent story arcs in the comics... or is that with this newer version of Ant-man, Scott Lang? Variety mentions that the film version could in fact feature both Pym and Lang, who stole the Ant-man suit from Pym on a mission to save his daughter. So Rudd as Pym and JGL as Lang? And will Pym become Giant-man too? I remember him. 

Those prying and peeping Variety sources also cite that another actor may enter the mix, so nothing is set in stone. But with Wright on board as director and Attack The Block's Joe Cornish co-scripting this may actually be the first Marvel movie I am genuinely excited about. Add the charm of Rudd or JGL... ah, who am I kidding? If it's one Ant-man, let's go for Rudd!
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