Kicking A Man When He's Down: New WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE Clip

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Kicking A Man When He's Down: New WE GOTTA GET OUT OF THIS PLACE Clip

As a half-Mexican person, I can relate directly to a new NSFW clip from TIFF 2013 selection We Gotta Get Out of This Place, in which a nasty Caucasian swine kicks a Mexican man when he's down -- over and over and over again.

With only a few weeks left until his two best friends leave for college, Billy Joe (Logan Huffman) robs his cotton farmer boss, Giff (Mark Pellegrino), in order to pay for one last blow out weekend in Corpus Christi, Texas. Upon returning, the teens are confronted by the unfortunate and brutal consequences of stealing from his boss. Now Billy Joe, Sue (Mackenzie Davis) and Bobby (Jeremy Allen White) must embark on a dangerous journey that will test their trust and friendship and take them across the line from carefree adolescence into the harsh reality of adulthood.

The film debuts in Toronto tomorrow (Saturday, September 7). You can watch the clip below for a taste of what's to come from directors Simon and Zeke Hawkins.

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