Fantastic Fest 2013: Navot Papushado Drunkenly Reviews Papushado And Keshales' BIG BAD WOLVES

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Fantastic Fest 2013: Navot Papushado Drunkenly Reviews Papushado And Keshales' BIG BAD WOLVES
17:00 and I'm sitting in the tent of the " Fantastic Fest " in Austin Texas just outside the world's coolest movie - Alamo Draft House. My stomach blows some good pounds of barbecued meat 's fine " Smith ." And I finished a few minutes to load huge amount of shots of " Jameson " . Why is it important that you know all this? That half an hour before Todd Brown to write a " review drunk " and explain to the world why " Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf " is the best film ever made .
And how can you refuse to Todd offers such a challenge , especially after yesterday he ate his shirt
His wine sauce cooked because he lost the bet - brilliant!
"Who's Afraid " is the best movie ever made so many reasons to be hard to put them all into one review , so I'm glad that at least 100 of them are doing it for me - Boom !
I'll tell you why I like the Who's afraid of and why I think he's perfect.
So first of all Aharonn and I Faked it , what are the odds that Aaron and I We fake something Shuafhot than perfect - it's about as likely to eat meat is not good in Texas - Hafiz percent chance .
The movie is about a cop violent and vengeful father of a girl who was abducted and murdered and the main suspect who get the deed to extract a confession.
I'll explain it in a way that drunks call us right now ( if you Bfnstik Fest 's likely that you at least Mtostem like me) :
Two people decide to kidnap the kidnapper , but they do not know each other and each other terrorists programs .
So this is basically a comedy about two people who abuse and torture people suspected of pedophilia and female infanticide ?
Yes ! And information with the premise that such a film can work well as a thriller as well as drama, as well as a horror film , as well as comedy is just proof that Deborah grew masterpiece of grants MAHA 21 !
Add to this the coolest players in Israel : We have the Israeli Steve Carell and muscular Dirty Harry role , Hickman respect Israel as a father seeking revenge, John Cleese Israel as a murderous grandfather and teacher with a burner that looks good ... the truth he looks a bit like a pedophile .
Tosimo this the fact that it is one of the films genre first come out of the Holy Land and that he speaks Hebrew and carries a lot of humor, an Israeli and a Jew - without neglecting evenings at Soos and peace pipe between Aindani and Kaovwi and you mix as you've never seen anywhere - genre blend of Israeli blue and white and red.
This movie Srtveno Wyman tremendous love of cinema Slgdlno it , this is exactly the kind of movie we wanted to see Israeli film when we were little - Movies can buy popcorn and cola and go and enjoy .
This film dares to be violent and funny and feel must be Politibmdina pool and fed political films .
This is a film we love with all our hearts and are happy to share it with the world , with the audience Hmhdim of festivals like Fnstitk Fest and there is no greater gift than that for the Director - to see how people from Holmmgibim your work .
Thanks to all who loved and supported ( this is the one I will be very emotional because of the alcohol ) Thank you for the opportunity to screen the Hebrew and funny thriller that you thank Todd Bamtzahium he hired me to death when in a few hours we should do our Texas premiere .
Zanrim films dominate ! ! ! ! ! ! !

[Given that this is now the third year they have appeared in the pages of ScreenAnarchy, I suppose it can be said that drunken self reviews are now a Fantastic Fest tradition. Here's how it works. We sit down with the director and pour out (typically) five shots, though some allowance may be made for body mass. The director then has fifteen minutes to drink the shots. We pause a moment to allow the alcohol to hit the bloodstream, after which the director has thirty minutes to write a review of their own movie in their own language explaining why their movie is the greatest movie ever made. We then take the results and run them through Google Translate, publishing whatever comes out without any editing whatsoever. Israeli director Navot Papushado joins us for a tasty Scotch.]
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