ICEMAN 3D Has Too Much Donnie! Martial Arts Epic To Be Split Into Two Films

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ICEMAN 3D Has Too Much Donnie! Martial Arts Epic To Be Split Into Two Films
Iceman 3D, Law Wing Cheong's big budget remake of Clarence Fok's 1989 film The Iceman Cometh has been in the headlines pretty much non-stop since production began, with stories of extensive re-shoots, a ballooning budget and even problems filming on location in Hong Kong slowing things down. Now news arrives that the time-travelling martial arts epic, which stars Donnie Yen as a Ming era warrior thawed out in modern day Hong Kong, will be not one film, but two.

Twitch has learned from a source within the production that the current edit of Iceman 3D is somewhere in the region of 3.5 hours long, and rather than dump the extra footage to get the film down to a more audience-friendly two hours, producers have opted to cut it in half, releasing Part 1 this Christmas and Part 2 at Chinese New Year 2014.

With the film's budget apparently now double what was originally intended, this seems like a smart way of maximising Iceman's chances of turning a profit at the box office. The film has already been sold internationally to Well Go USA, and now has the potential to double its ticket and home video sales. Look out for an official announcement soon.
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