Donnie Yen's ICEMAN COMETH heads China 3D slate

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Donnie Yen's ICEMAN COMETH heads China 3D slate
China 3D Group, the company behind Hong Kong's most successful film of 2011, 3D SEX AND ZEN: EXTREME ECSTASY, has revealed to ScreenAnarchy their slate of films for the coming twelve months, and they've got some pretty entertaining looking projects in the pipeline.

First up is NATURAL BORN CRAZY LOVERS, a romantic comedy starring Cheung Chi Lam (KIDNAP, THE 1ST SEVENTH NIGHT) and Annie Liu (EXODUS). The film is to be directed by Patrick Kong, who has enjoyed a string of modest hits in the last couple of years, including MARRIAGE TO A LIAR and LOVE IS THE ONLY ANSWER and is set to start filming on 15 February 2012.

The second film to go into production is easily the most exciting of the three: a 3D remake of the Yuen Biao/Yuen Wah action flick THE ICEMAN COMETH, with Donnie Yen in the lead role. In this new version, Donnie plays the captain of the Imperial Guard during the Ming Dynasty. When he is wrongly accused of murder and colluding with the enemy, his fellow guardsmen go after him, only for their monumental battle to see all three buried under an avalanche for 300 years. Discovered by a wealthy philanthropist, the frozen soldiers are transported back to Hong Kong for study, only to thaw out and escape. Donnie finds shelter with a drunk and emotionally jaded bar promoter on Halloween night, and over time she helps him integrate into 21st Century society. Meanwhile, the other guardsmen have ideas of their own - one is still determined to track down Donnie and bring him to justice, while the other decides to make a name for himself in modern-day Hong Kong.

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While the other parts have yet to be cast, the most intriguing element of this production is that Donnie Yen will also direct, in a unique partnership with Raymond Yip Wai Man (BRUCE LEE MY BROTHER, THE WARLORDS) and 3D SEX AND ZEN's Christopher Sun. While it is unclear at the moment exactly how duties will be divided up between the three directors it appears that Donnie will be in charge of more than simply choreographing the film's martial arts. Stephen Shiu Sr. was one of the producers of the original 1989 film and will serve as Chief Producer on the remake, alongside Peggy Lee Gam Man (BEAST STALKER, DETECTIVE DEE). ICEMAN COMETH 3D will begin production on 20 February 2012.

China 3D Group's third project is ripped right from Hong Kong's headlines, albeit one of the more bizarre stories to grace the city this year. BAUHINIA HEROINE 3D is inspired by the story of a mysterious - and probably slightly crazy - woman who descended on some of the city's poorest neighbourhoods, dispensing cash, food and other essential sundries to the residents. What captured the public's eye, however, was that this good natured civilian chose to perform her feats of charity while dressed up like a superhero. While keeping her identity a secret, the "Hong Kong Bauhinia" has revealed that she was inspired by movies such as KICK-ASS to act on the gross injustices she sees in the city, choosing to dress up like a character from the 1960s film BLACK ROSE while dishing out cash. 

The film version is set to star Hong Kong's favourite beauty, Chrissie Chau as the titular heroine, and something tells me she'll be doing more than handing out food to grateful pensioners in this 3D action film, directed by regular Johnnie To collaborator Law Wing Cheong (PUNISHED). I wouldn't be at all surprised if we see Chrissie embarking in ome ass kicking and crime fighting while wearing a suitably revealing costume. We will probably have to wait a year or so until we find out, however, as shooting isn't scheduled to begin until June 2012, looking at a 2013 release. Take a look at a couple of the tasty concept posters in the gallery below.

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