Korean Box Office: Just Hanging Around - Holdovers Repeat During Slow Weekend

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Korean Box Office: Just Hanging Around - Holdovers Repeat During Slow Weekend
With no new releases able to catch fire this week, box office was down significantly. With only 1.2 million admissions, this was the lowest attended weekend of the year to date by a margin. Local films, of which there are a number playing, were just shy of a majority with a 48% market share. With spring finally arriving in Korea after a particularly long winter, locals were keener to go outside and see the cherry blossoms than to venture into a dark theater.

Title Release Date Market Share Weekend Total Screens
1 Oblivion (us) 13/04/11 30.50% 367,022 1,204,448 563
2 Fists of Legend 13/04/10 28.00% 334,593 1,243,300 638
3 Running Man 13/04/04 11.20% 143,619 1,280,107 331
4 Norigae 13/04/18 6.70% 80,337 103,691 278
5 Song for You (uk) 13/04/18 6.30% 79,218 94,694 317
6 To Rome With Love (us/it/sp) 13/04/18 4.00% 47,169 60,540 201
7 Beautiful Creatures (us) 13/04/18 3.70% 47,057 56,899 278
8 G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation (us) 13/03/28 2.10% 26,597 1,842,438 214
9 Very Ordinary Couple 13/03/21 2.00% 23,675 1,847,780 165
10 Ploddy the Police Car (us/no) 13/04/11 1.40% 18,887 50,619 175

2013 - Fists of Legend (Main Poster).jpg
Repeating a number one was Tom Cruise's sci-fi Oblivion with 367,022, down only 30% from its debut. Lack of competition helped the film cruise (*cough*) well over the one million mark and a second milestone is possible but Iron Man 3 will give it a hard time next weekend.

Same story at number two as the Kang Woo-suk MMA drama Fists of Legend, starring Hwang Jeong-min (New World), was off 30% for 334,593. Given the film's high budget and it's middling debut, studio bosses are likely disappointed with this result.

Running Man, the first fully US-funded Korean film, fell another 43% for 143,619. The Shin Ha-gyun-starring (Save the Green Planet) actioneer has suffered from poor word of mouth and strong competition. Surely, 20th Century Fox was hoping for more.

2013 - Norigae (Main Poster).jpg
Opening at number four was Norigae, a controversial film concerning sexual abuse in the local entertainment industry. It did not receive full booking and the film's subject matter proved too much for many as it was only able to attract 80,337 spectators in its first weekend. Most exhibitors wil probably drop it this coming weekend and the film may not cross 150,000.

Next weekend, Hollywood is likely to begin its traditional late spring/early summer dominance as Iron Man 3 will jet into theaters unchallenged.
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