First Teaser For Korean Action Comedy THE HUNTRESSES

First Teaser For Korean Action Comedy THE HUNTRESSES
Get ready for some girl power and campy hijinks in The Huntresses, a period action comedy in the same vein as The Three Musketeers and Charlie's Angels but with Ha Ji-won, Kang Ye-won and Son Ga-in as the trio bounty hunters from the Joseon Dynasty. 

Each of the beauty heroines brings something unique to the table and they ain't no pushover either.  The leader of the group is Jin-ok (Ha Ji-won), an intelligent and righteous fighter who is a weapon specialist and a master of disguise.  Hong-dan (Kang Ye-won) is the only married woman of the group who excel in throwing darts but has a problem with greed. The youngest of the group is Ga-bi (Son Ga-in), an expert hand-to-hand combatant who prefers to fight first before talking.
As a child, Jin-ok witnessed the murder of her father and narrowly escaped death. She is taken under the wing of Mu-myeong, the man who saved her life, and trains in martial arts alongside two other girls. 10 years pass and the girls are now Joseon's best bounty hunters. One day, Jin-ok is asked to take on a case for a handsome reward. Against their master's wishes, the trio takes on the job, not knowing it will eventually lead them to the man responsible for the death of Jin-ok's father 10 years before.
The theatrical release date in South Korea is schedule for May. You'll find the teaser embedded below.
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