Descend To The Depths With First SEPTIC MAN Stills

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Descend To The Depths With First SEPTIC MAN Stills
"I asked Tony Burgess to write us a simple script about a man trapped at the bottom of a well. He came over to discuss it, and clogged our toilet. The rest is history." Jesse Thomas Cook

Leave it to the writer of Pontypool to come up with a superhero origin story that involves a man trapped inside a septic tank. Throw in some serial killers and a healthy horror overtone and that's exactly what Burgess has done with Septic Man, the new feature from Monster Brawl director Jesse Thomas Cook.

Indie film collective Foresight Features have followed up the release of their 2011 films Monster Brawl and Exit Humanity with a trio of new genre pictures, all set to debut in 2013.  The studio recently completed a nine-month production stretch, filming sci-fi chiller EJECTA, Stephen McHattie vehicle HELLMOUTH, and the recently wrapped SEPTIC MAN, back-to-back-to-back.

SEPTIC MAN is a super-hero origins tale interwoven through a transgressive horror film, inspired by the work of Georges Bataille (Lord Auch). It was written by Pontypool screenwriter Tony Burgess and directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl).

The story chronicles the unimaginable ordeal of a small town septic worker who becomes trapped inside a holding tank of raw sewage while investigating a deadly water contamination crisis. Imprisoned, infected, and insane, Septic Man struggles to find an escape while battling a tandem of revolting serial killers.

The all-Canuck cast features Jason Brown in the title role, with Molly Dunsworth (Hobo With a Shotgun), Robert Maillet (Pacific Rim), Timothy Burd (SAW 2 & 3) and Julian Richings (Survival of the Dead).

The film was shot by DP Brendan Uegama (Exit Humanity) in Collingwood, Ontario in October and is currently in post-production, gearing up for a 2013 release.
Says Burgess about the whole icky affair, "Septic Man was an appalling and beautiful film to work on. When people asked us what we were working on we quickly realized how offensive it sounded, so we stopped explaining, we just fixed our gaze and said `It is something that we have to do.' Septic Man is a calling, and we are its noble servants. All praise Lord Auch."

Twitch is proud to present the first trio of images from the film, one still each featuring stars Jason Brown, Molly Dunsworth and Julian Richings. Check the gallery below and remember you can click to enlarge.
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