New Teaser From EVANGELION 3.0 Features Fresh Footage

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New Teaser From EVANGELION 3.0 Features Fresh Footage
The ad campaign for the upcoming theatrical release of Anno Hideaki's Evangelion 3.0 - the third in the four film retelling / reimagining of the Neon Genesis Evangelion series - has been curious, to say the least. With the film hitting Japanese screens next month we've had - so far - a teaser that is nothing but piano music, featuring no actual footage from the film, and a series of television cross promotions featuring characters from the movie teaming up with a jockey and his horse-Eva but, again, no actual footage from the movie.

The new teaser has actual footage from the movie. It's short but it's real, so take a look below.
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The HereticOctober 20, 2012 2:10 PM

Looking forward to this more than the previous two -- precisely because this has diverge greatly from the original series, leading us all into unknown territory...