EVANGELION 3.0 Breaks Box-Office Records

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EVANGELION 3.0 Breaks Box-Office Records
It might be one of the seven signs of the upcoming apocalypse, but after much anticipation, speculation and trepidation the third title in the current Evangelion reboot actually premiered this weekend in Japan. Named (ironically) Evangelion 3.0: You Can (Not) Redo, it wreaked a mighty amount of havoc. At the Japanese Box Office, that is!

According to Variety's Mark Schilling, the newest slice of religious science fiction insanity by Anno Hideaki has netted a whopping $13.9 million in its first two days, and is already well on its way to trounce its two predecessors.

On top of that this is actually the strongest opening this year of any film in Japan. Not bad for a production which was rumored to be in trouble, with fans waiting for years and years after the previous installment left cinemas in 2009 already.

On top of that, word-of-mouth on the film is very good, although it left many people very much baffled. Yep, sounds like Evangelion all right...
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