Have Your Say: How Many HOBBIT Films Do You Want?

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Have Your Say: How Many HOBBIT Films Do You Want?
Peter Jackson can be quite the joker sometimes. Therefore his comments at ComicCon last week about maybe maybe making three movies out of "The Hobbit" rather than two should perhaps be taken with a grain of salt, or just be seen as a manner to convey his enthusiasm concerning the material he has shot.

Of course the many social networks on the Internet are now bustling with yeas and noes. The novel was never as sprawling as any of the three volumes making up "Lord o/t Rings", so creating two films already seems like stretching the content a wee bit.

Then again, Tolkien's style of writing for "The Hobbit" differs a lot from the one he used in his illustrious sequels, painting everything in broad strokes rather than finelining each little detail. A case could be made that you can actually have more fun doing some worldbuilding based on "The Hobbit" than with "Lord o/t Rings", as you'd be filling the gaps rather than trying desperately to not trip over your own shoelaces.

So HAVE YOUR SAY: would you want the tale of "The Hobbit" shown in one, two, three movies, or none at all?
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