ActionFest 2012 Award Winners

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ActionFest 2012 Award Winners

After a hard-hitting, bone-crunching, and all around exhilarating weekend of action, the 2012 edition of ActionFest wraps up today with closing film, Peter Chan's Wuxia, repeat screenings of some of the festival favourites and a couple of still to be announced secret screenings.  Last night in a packed tent on the grounds of the Carolina Theatre, the festival Jury handed out the best film (and best screenplay) to I Declare War.

The rest of the awards are below:

Best Film:  I Declare War

Best Screenplay:  I Declare War,  written by Jason Lapeyre.

Best Director(s):  Alan Mak and Felix Chong,  The Lost Bladesman

Best Action Scene:  The Lost Bladesman

Best Fight:  Dragon Eyes, "Street Fight #1″

Best Villain:  James Frain, Transit

Spirit of ActionFest Award:  Manborg

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Mickey Gilbert

Man of Action:  Jack Gill

Chick Norris, Best Female Action Star:  Gina Carano

Fight Director of the Year:  J. J. Perry

Rising Star:  Cung Le

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