Final I DECLARE WAR Trailer Brings The Bombast!

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Final I DECLARE WAR Trailer Brings The Bombast!
After a very successful festival run and a limited theatrical release in select Canadian cities, Jason Lapeyre and Robert Wilson's 'Patton with pre-adolescents' action movie, I Declare War, is finally coming to USA courtesy of Drafthouse films.  They've made a new poster (to the left) and cut a fantastic new trailer that visually conveys the high concept of the film, namely kids envisioning their afterschool war games as the real thing, as well as highlighting some of the more bombastic elements cunningly juxtaposed with the playfulness of kids running around in the forest playing make-believe.  

I Declare War will be available in various VOD outlets, including iTunes Store, starting July 26th, and followed by a theatrical release on August 30.

Armed with nothing more than twigs, their imaginations and a simple set of rules, a group of 12-year-olds engaged in a lively game of Capture the Flag in the neighborhood woods start dangerously blurring the lines between make-believe and reality.  Rocks = Grenades.  Trees = Control towers.   Sticks = Submachine guns.  The youthful innocence of the game gradually takes on a different tone as the quest for victory pushes the boundaries of friendship.  The would-be warriors get a searing glimpse of humanity's dark side as their combat scenario takes them beyond the rules of the game and into an adventure where fantasy combat clashes with the real world. 
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