Gorilla To Play Baseball In Korean Sports Comedy MR. GO

Gorilla To Play Baseball In Korean Sports Comedy MR. GO
You had me at baseball-playing gorilla. 

Filming has already begun for Mr Go 3D (미스터 고 3D), a sports comedy based on a popular manhwa (Korean comic) by Heo Yeong-man - his other works has also been adapted for Le Grand Chef. The story is about a gorilla from a Chinese circus that is trained to play professional baseball in Korea.  Budget at $20 million, the ambitious live action film is being shot in stereoscopic 3-D and will utilize a combination of motion capture performances and digital effects à la Rise of the Planet of the Apes

The film will be directed by Kim Yong-hwa who previously helmed 200 Pounds Beauty and Take Off.  Josie Xu (aka Xu Jiao), the young actress from CJ7 and Starry Starry Night, will play the lead role as a Chinese-Korean girl who befriends the sport-savvy primate.

Showbox/Mediaplex Inc schedule the potential blockbuster for theatrical release in the summer of 2013.
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