Hey Canada! Beauty Day is on HBO Tonite!

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Hey Canada!  Beauty Day is on HBO Tonite!
Jay Cheel's Beauty Day, a look at the life and blue-collar art from pre-Jack Ass stunt-tomfoolery pioneer Ralph Zavadil (aka Cap'n Video) is a film that you should really seek out.  It is one of the better documentaries I have seen this year and it has been a very, very strong year for docs - Project Nim, Crazy Horse, Resurrect Dead, The Story of Film to name a few.  It is premiering on HBO Canada in HD tonite, and will then play on The Movie Network On Demand from tomorrow onward.  Humour, Pathos, and body carnage in one very solid package that has an A-Team style montage in the middle.   How many docs can boast that?  See the trailer below for a taste.
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