Bring On The Dancing Kappas! Watch The Theatrical UNDERWATER LOVE Trailer Now!

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Bring On The Dancing Kappas! Watch The Theatrical UNDERWATER LOVE Trailer Now!
No doubt about it, Shinji Imaoka's Underwater Love is a strange one. The director has made his career in the pinku - Japanese soft porn - industry so the high level of sexual content is no surprise. No, the odd bit is that Imaoka teamed up with acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle on this one and turned in a full on fantasy sex musical revolving around the legendary water creature, the kappa.

Thirtysomething Asuka has an easy life, a job in a fish factory, and a fiancé, Taki, who's also her boss. One day, as she walks by the lake near the factory, she sees her first kappa - a legendary Japanese creature with a human form but a beak face and tortoiseshell back. She soon realizes that the kappa is her old friend from school, Aoki, who drowned when he was 17. As she hides Aoki from her fiancé and others, she must begin to decide what is most important for her.

Twitch was happy to present the international teaser for the film prior to its premiere at Tribeca and now the full Japanese theatrical trailer has arrived. Unlike the international tease this new trailer is largely free of nudity and includes more music from German pop act Stereo Total. Check out both trailers below!
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