SEVEN SAMURAI Remake Finds A Director

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SEVEN SAMURAI Remake Finds A Director
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The Weinstein Brothers have been talking about remaking an Akira Kurosawa classic for a little while, and news has just been released that they have signed British director Scott Mann to direct a remake of Kurosawa's 1954 masterpiece SEVEN SAMURAI. Mann previously directed cult film THE TOURNAMENT, starring Robert Carlyle, Ving Rhames and Kelly Hu. He will be working with a script by John Fusco (THE FORBIDDEN KINGDOM), and reportedly the story of the remake will take place in Thailand.
I am not sure about you, but whenever I hear the word 'remake' being mentioned, all kinds of negative thoughts immediately go through my mind. Yes, a few remakes manage to be surprisingly good, but a lot of them are sadly not. And when it comes to something like SEVEN SAMURAI, widely considered one of the greatest films in cinema history, I just cannot help but wonder if there is really a need to have another attempt at remaking it.
If you have not seen the original SEVEN SAMURAI, I urge you to do so before even contemplating whether to watch the remake when it is released. Embedded below is the theatrical trailer of the Kurosawa epic.
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