Kino International Lands CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH For US Distribution

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Kino International Lands CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH For US Distribution
Its about goddamned time!  Lu Chuan's 2009 drama about the Nanking Massacre, City of Life and Death has finally found a distributor in the United States.  Already released in many other countries around the world, I've been waiting for this news since I first saw the film in the Fall of 2009 on an import Blu-ray disc.  I've since seen it several other times, including once at the Dallas IFF in 2010, and it never hurts any less. 

City of Life and Death is one of several films dealing with the tragedy of Nanking, including John Rabe from Germany in 2009 that takes a radically different approach to the events as they happened.  I prefer City because it doesn't gloss over anything and manages to convey the sense of helplessness felt by the people of Nanking without feeling sensationalistic. 

The fact of the matter is that this film does not show everything that happened during that time period in Nanking, and sacrificed a lot of the more heinous details for the sake of avoiding an exploitative look at a tragic moment in not-to-distant Chinese history.  For a third look at this event, you could check out Black Sun: The Nanking Massacre, which, while extremely exploitative, does manage to tackle some of those more heinous details in a rather ingenious way. 

It appears that Kino International will be touring City of Life and Death starting May 11th with a two week run at Film Forum in NYC.  From there, the City begins a more extensive tour of the country, with many markets, I'm sure, yet to be determined.

Film Forum    New York    NY    May 11th - 24th
Landmark Kendall Square Cinema    Boston    MA    June 3rd - 9th
Landmark Ritz Five    Philadelphia    PA    June 3rd - 9th
Landmark E Street Cinema    Washington    DC    June 10th - 16th
Landmark Nuart Theatre    Los Angeles    CA    June 17th - 23rd
Landmark Lagoon Cinema    Minneapolis    MN    June 24th - 30th
Landmark Ken Cinema    San Diego    CA    June 24th - 30th
Landmark Tivoli Theatre    St. Louis    MO    July 8th - 14th
Landmark Varsity Theatre    Seattle    WA    July 8th - 14th
Landmark Midtown Art Cinema    Atlanta    GA    July 8th - 14th
Wexner Center for the Arts    Columbus    OH    July 22 and 23 ONLY

I have asked for details from Kino about this film's release, but I haven't gotten any yet.  Perhaps this post will get them to send me a trailer and a proper poster.  Come on Kino...

In the meantime, here is their temp trailer they've posted to youtube.  The opening music makes it sound way too much like a war film, which it is not, but the rest isn't so bad. 
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