Lu Chuan Enlists Hollywood FX House For New Sci-Fi Project

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Lu Chuan Enlists Hollywood FX House For New Sci-Fi Project
One of China's more interesting young directors, Lu Chuan has revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he will be collaborating with Hollywood visual effects company Prime Focus on his latest directorial venture.

Prime Focus is one of the biggest VFX houses in town, and their resume includes some of this year's biggest hits, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Transformers: Age of Extinction and Edge of Tomorrow, not to mention the likes of Gravity, The Great Gatsby and Tron: Legacy

Lu Chuan is best known for his stunning black and white war drama City of Life and Death, as well as Kekexili: Mountain Patrol and 2012's period thriller The Last Supper. His latest project is an as-yet untitled sci-fi adventure, and in a recent interview with THR he said, "It's a fresh, new experience for me. It takes a while for me to get used to making a commercial movie. I love to watch thrillers and action movies, now I get to make one."

This is definitely a project we'll be keeping an eye on as it moves into production. All of Lu's films to-date have shown an arresting visual aesthetic that could yield fascinating things in a high-octane science fiction setting. With a powerhouse like Prime Focus working alongside him, the results could be visually spectacular in a way recent offerings from mainland China have failed to achieve. Let's just hope the script is also up to scratch.
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