Indomina Releasing Speaks!

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Indomina Releasing Speaks!
Do you all remember Indomina Releasing?  We began seeing news about this distribution company back in September when they were acquiring big name Hong Kong titles left and right at Fantastic Fest 2010.  In case you've forgotten, let me remind you of some of the titles they have in their catalog:  True Legend, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame, Bodyguards and Assassins, Griff the Invisible, Clash (Bay Rong), Outcast, The Pack, and Fire of Conscience.  All along the question has been:  Now what?

We haven't heard from Indomina for several months, and seeing as how they're sitting on some of North America's most anticipated titles, I thought I would check in.  It turns out they DO have some plans, though not a lot is certain at this point, I thought I'd pass along what I found out to you guys.

First of all, Indomina Releasing will be working in home video and doing targeted theatrical releases for some key titles.  The first title up for theatrical play is True Legend, which opens on May 13th in selected cities.  What cities?  Well, they haven't been selected just yet.  Also confirmed for theatrical release so far are the Ryan Kwanten (True Blood) starrer Griff the Invisible and Tsui Hark's comeback film, Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.  Dates for those are as of yet, unavailable.

The rest are still up in the air.  I would imagine most, if not all, of the remaining titles will go direct to video, which is kind of what we all expected anyway.  I couldn't get any details about home video releases, we hope these plans will include both DVD and Blu-ray, but we can't be sure.  I know that Clash (Bay Rong) is being distributed theatrically by a company that isn't Indomina, so I think we can count on that going direct to home video at some point. 

I wasn't really able to get anything in regard to time lines yet, the only date I got was for True Legend. I was assured that there will have more to announce in the next 4-6 weeks regarding theatrical releases, and probably within 8 weeks on home video.  Hopefully that is true, I want to support Indomina, but I think they should be aware that every day they delay news, they are potentially losing customers to importing since most of these films are long since available on Blu-ray somewhere in the world. 

I remain hopeful and will send along updates as I get them.
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