First Poster For Canuck Horror-Action-Comedy MONSTER BRAWL!

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First Poster For Canuck Horror-Action-Comedy MONSTER BRAWL!

It seems only fitting that on the same day that we posted Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative's custom poster for classic multi-monster flick The Monster Squad we also get the first poster art for upcoming Canadian multi-monster horror / action / comedy Monster Brawl. And it comes designed by, you guessed it, Justin Erickson of Phantom City Creative.

Jesse Cook's film is one of those rare beats: A picture in which the title is the entire concept and story rolled into one juicy package. You want to see a tournament style, fight to the death movie in which all of the combatants are classic monsters? This is that movie, with The Undead on one side of the fight bracket and The Creatures on the other. Dave Foley, The Brood's Art Hindle, Jimmy Hart, Kevin Nash and Herb Dean star with Lance Henricksen chipping in as narrator. Watch for a trailer soon!
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