HARD CORE LOGO 2: In The Can And Coming Soon.

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HARD CORE LOGO 2: In The Can And Coming Soon.
I have just finished up a round table interview with Bruce McDonald and Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew for their soon-to-be-released This Movie Is Broken but before we got to the meat and potatoes of that film - and I promise to have the interview transcribed and posted asap - I fired off a couple of unrelated questions about upcoming projects to McDonald.

On the matter of Lucky Ho, McDonald's upcoming women-in-prison exploitation throwback, he says he's just received the final script, he's very happy with it, and is hoping to shoot in the fall.

And on Hard Core Logo 2 - the long rumored sequel to his breakout slice of rock and roll nihilism - McDonald dropped this little nugget. Production is complete. They shot quick and quiet in Saskatchewan, the film has wrapped, and is now being edited. Here's how McDonald described the project to Toronto's Eye Weekly back in February:

For many years we've been talking about doing a follow-up. Hugh and Callum have both been super busy so we thought that while we were waiting -- and waiting to see if Joe Dick comes back from the dead -- we could take some of the minor characters from the first movie and put them in the foreground. So Bucky Haight, who is their mentor in the original, becomes one of the major characters. I become a major character, too -- I play the filmmaker who filmed the onscreen suicide of the unfortunate Joe Dick and who's wracked with guilt. Care Failure and her band Die Mannequin play themselves -- they're recording an album with Bucky and I'm documenting it. She's been channeling the spirit of Joe Dick -- he's writing songs through her. It's crazy but it's essentially the story of them making a record in this old dancehall in northern Saskatchewan or Kansas, depending on which country we embrace.

And for any Broken Social Scene fans out there, here's a bit of news from Kevin Drew. Asked if he plans to continue directing film - he made his debut with an excellent short titled The Water, starring Feist and Cillian Murphy last year - Drew says yes. He intends to continue working Broken Social Scene full time for another two years after which he plans to shift away from live performance and continue the band largely as a studio entity while shifting his focus towards more film making.
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