Survive Style 5 and Abnormal Beauty Available to Pre-Order. Sort of.

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I sent an email to YesAsia yesterday asking about the availability of Survive Style 5 and Abnormal Beauty and received a good news / bad news response.

First, the good. Survive Style 5 is available for pre-order now. The two disc version is here and the limited edition collector box is here. As is usually the case with YesAsia the list price is slightly higher here than you'll see on other sites but when you factor in the free shipping and dodging of customs fees thanks to their local shipping centers you stand to save at least a few bucks.

The bad news? "We are sorry to tell you that due to the problem of licensing, we are not allowed to sell "Abnormal Beauty" DVD/VCD to the US and Canada. We apologize for any inconvenience caused." This would mean the local rights holder - Tartan in this case - have pulled rank and asked them not to import any copies into the regions they hold rights to. This is totally within their rights and not something I'm worked up over but I do find it a little odd that other Tartan properties - including Old Boy, which you would think has much higher potential revenues - are still widely available while they're blocking this one. At the end of the day it just means you'll have to hit a Hong Kong site - like this one - if you want to see the film now.

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