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KANDAHAR Review: Gerard Butler Returns in Semi-Inspired Geopolitical Action-Thriller

Gerard Butler and director Ric Roman Waugh reunite.

Review: ZONE 414, Derivative, Uninspired Sci-Fi/(In)Actioner

Travis Fimmel, Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz and Guy Pearce star in the science fiction thriller, directed by Andrew Baird.

Review: DANGER CLOSE, Australians Wage War in Vietnam

Travis Fimmel, Luke Bracey and Richard Roxborough star; Kriv Stenders directed.

Review: LEAN ON PETE, Racing to Rock Bottom

If you’re a big fan of dramas like myself, then a review with the words “Andrew Haigh” plus “greatest tragedy” might well make you think that you’re onto a winner. Unfortunately, Lean on Pete isn’t the Andrew Haigh entry into...