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Warsaw 2017 Review: SO HELP ME GOD, a Wild True/False Search for Justice

Perplexing stranger-than-fiction pic So Help Me God captures the formalist zeitgeist in a highly watchable outcome

L'Etrange Festival 2017 full line-up is here, delivers its share of unexpected

A few days after teasing the very first titles, the full line-up for this year's Etrange Festival, which will take place in Paris from from the 6th to the 17th of september is here, and the least that can be...

L'Etrange Festival 2017 teases first titles, full line-up to come

For more than two decades now, L'Etrange Festival in Paris became one of the most anticipated movie fest in Europe, side by side with other festivals such as SITGES, BIFFF, etc. This year's Etrange Festival will take place from 6th...