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EVIL DOES NOT EXIST Review: Bold, Chilling, Ominous, From Ryusuke Hamaguchi

'Drive My Car' director Ryusuke Hamaguchi heads in a new direction with his latest film.

Ben's 2016 in Cinema: Reflections and Favorites

In the year 2016, cinema almost killed me.

 Okay, that’s not an accurate statement. But it isn’t far from the truth either. And heck, it does look really good up there doesn’t? 

On February 1st, on my way back...

Review: HAPPY HOUR, An Absorbing Long-Form Masterwork

When I first settled down to view Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Happy Hour earlier this year at its New Directors/New Films festival press screening, its great reputation preceded it, a reputation that included some uniquely anomalous features, unusual even in the context...